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Photographic Adventures in Self-Discovery

We take the lens cap off your third eye!

We believe…

At N-Dimensions we strongly believe that engaging in the creative process is what drives our need to gain more knowledge.  This is what makes becoming a better photographer a very fun, rewarding and engaging endeavour. We also believe that absolutely everyone is creative!!

Given these two fundamental premises, we have created these workshops as exciting adventures that we want to share with you as you strive to become a better photographer while gaining a much better understanding of what drives you and motivates you. There is a great sense of excitement in discovering who we really are and why we have the preferences we do.


Photography allows us to express ourselves and it is an expression of ourselves.  Through photography we realize that we do have something to say and the world wants to hear it!

Self-Discovery is…

The dictionary defines “self-discovery” as: 

  • Discovering your own individuality.
  • Becoming aware of one’s true potential, character and motives.
  • New knowledge and understanding that you get about your feelings and about the type of person you are.


As photographers we have become fascinated with the medium of photography as both a highly rewarding form of self-expression and also for its intensely reflective nature. No matter the subject of our photographs, the images we create reflect our feelings, our preferences as well as our own personal views and perspectives of the world around us.


Photography is about exposure…exposure of ourselves and our feelings of the world around us!

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Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.  – Oscar Wilde

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