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The Photo Adventure Newsletter


At last, December has arrived and so now people are smiling at me instead of looking at me funny when I sing my Christmas songs…those ones that I sing all year long!!!

– Kharim


It was so much fun, we did it again!!


That’s usually the way it goes with us…whenever it’s fun, we just go ahead and do it again! So, we went and made another video and had just as much fun making this one.


And, we’ll probably do it again so please let us know how we did this time! We really appreciate all your feedback. Thank you!


This video is on how to create more powerful photographs.


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It’s storytime! Here’s what you’ve been shooting…


What fun! Kharim here and I love storytime. I love telling stories, I love hearing stories, I love when people share their stories…oh yeah, I live for stories! And we have another treat for you in this issue…more stories!


We’re excited that you’ve been out shooting and we have more very inspiring photos to share with you along with each photographer’s story, in their own words! Feast your eyes…


Robert Boyer shares this photograph with you which he printed, framed and displayed on his wall! We’re very excited that he’s printing and framing his photos and we hope it will inspire you to do the same. Robert’s story behind his image is, “It reminds me of an old soul….”. Thank you Robert, this is a great perspective and the intensity really comes through!


Photo by Robert Boyer

Carol Ketelson has a passion for Italy, so much so that she offers amazingly delicious culinary tours to various parts of Italy and also France through her company, Delectable Destinations. Along the way she entices us with photographs she takes on her trips so be sure to check out her website for more succulent photos. She’s sharing one of her perfect moments with us here along with her story behind this image…

Perfect Moments

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a month in Italy last month. All business but being in Italy for business is not a bad thing :-). When I found out I would be in Tuscany for 12 days, of course I was thrilled but even more excited as my passion for photography has grown 10 fold over the past couple of years and no doubt Tuscany is a photographer’s dream.
On one of those days, the chef I was visiting took me to the beautiful area of Montalcino. If you are into wine, no doubt you have heard of “Brunello di Montelcino”, a truly beautiful wine. As we were driving, I think I made Chef Veronica stop the car at least 50 times to take pictures, as you can just imagine how many photo ops there were. At one point, I told her to stop as we came around a curve and this view, this incredible view was right in front of me. I got out of the car and started taking pictures, probably more excited than a kid in a candy store! Each photo was different as the lighting was changing as the sun was setting. I have seen many regions in Italy but there is nothing like the lighting in Tuscany. I then put down my camera, took a moment to just admire nature’s beauty and was in awe of it all.
Sometimes this perfect moment comes along, when everything is in place for the perfect shot…setting, lighting, mood. I had that moment that day and was truly grateful. We live in a beautiful world.

Thank you Carol! This photo truly expresses a most remarkable mood!

Photo by Carol Ketelson

Joanie Michel decided it was time to just get away for a few days. So she called up a few friends, packed up her camera and headed down to New York City. As Joanie says, it was “An escape to a colourful and vibrant city for a change of scenery. So many possibilities.”

I couldn’t agree more about the vibrance of the city and all of its possibilities and I’m going to take the liberty of adding my own story here, it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Joanie’s photo and it made me smile. My take on this scene is, the future is bright with a slight bit of a slippery road ahead, so look ahead to where you’re going rather than where you are because it’s going to be worth it when you get there. Thanks Joanie for allowing me to give my own interpretation!


Photo by Joanie Michel

Pierre Peltier couldn’t wait for winter to get here, so to get into the mood he went and hung out in an arena…with his camera of course. And you’d think that he’d be shooting whatever’s happening on the ice but clearly the interesting action’s always happening off the ice. And Pierre was there to witness it and capture it for us. In Pierre’s words…”Well there he was again that creepy childhood nightmare clown! … actually t’was a really nice guy hired to keep the arena crowd cheered up.”

Now if Pierre is having nightmare’s, it leaves one to wonder what state this fine character left the rest of the crowd in. But that’s okay, it makes for a fantastic shot! Thank you Pierre for sharing!

Photo by Pierre Peltier

Meanwhile, while Pierre was freezing his butt off with shady characters in the arena, Diane Rajotte Skinner was off on her own adventures in cities beyond playing with light and looking for cool patterns. Diane says, “I found myself there for the first time in probably the worst light at lunch time so tried to take advantage of the situation and concentrated on the play of lines and shadows the railing was providing. Had to be patient and wait for the people walking by to clear them as I wanted a ‘clean’ and graphic composition.” And clearly Diane got what she wanted. There is both a peacefulness and a tension in this shot and it makes one wonder what is beyond the frame. Thank you Diane!

Photo by Diane Rajotte Skinner

And last but most definitely not least, Shanna Duncan has shared with us a powerful photo she took for one of her clients and recounts this beautiful story…

This one really tugs at my heart because they were my 4th client since stepping into the photography business world 2 years ago. When I first photographed them for a maternity session, they we so easy going, they were so in love with each other, they were just so awesome and we connected so well. They gave me a taste of how awesome the photography business can be. Since two years ago they have come to see me (from Toronto, a 90mins drive to me) to take their photos 4 times!
They just make me feel so, so special!

What an inspiring story Shanna and this photo truly reflects every word you shared with us. Thank you Shanna for capturing a truly special moment and sharing it with everyone!

Photo by Shanna Duncan

Thank you Robert, Carol, Joanie, Pierre, Diane and Shanna for sharing your inspiring work and fabulous stories with us! We always love seeing what you’re all doing and it’s even more fun when you share with us the stories that go with it!

We are always excited to receive your photos. So if you’d like to share your favourites shots with everyone, please send us a photo!

If you’d like to comment on any of the photos or content in this newsletter, just click on this link…we’re always listening! Thank you!


Does winter make you hibernate?


It gets cold out, the days are shorter, and suddenly it’s as if we hardly see people anymore. That’s winter…or is it? It doesn’t have to be that way. We love seeing people and spending time with great people like you who love to smile and have fun. It keeps us going throughout the winter and it makes it go by faster!


Sonya’s preparing her delicious coffee and we’re all set up and ready to meet you and share a hot cup of coffee while we take on some exciting photographic adventures this winter. If you’d like to enjoy the winter months, come and join us on Thursday evenings!


Our Winter 2014 Photography Workshops have been announced and this is the time to take advantage of our early bird registration which ends on January 2nd, 2014!!!


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Enjoy the snow and the Christmas music everyone!!  



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